Brian Larson, a real-estate flipper and home renovator in Northeast Seattle, hired Abana Creative to develop a complete brand identity and strategy for his business. He sought a custom logo mark, color scheme, typography system, and print-ready marketing materials, as well as a comprehensive brand strategy package that would differentiate his business from competitors.
Abana Creative worked closely with Brian to understand his business values, goals, and target audience. Through extensive research and refinement, the team created a visually stunning and cohesive brand identity that reflected Brian's unique personality and resonated with his target market. The brand strategy package included a thorough analysis of the market and competition, as well as signature services and brand anchoring points.
With the new brand identity and strategy in place, Brian was able to attract new clients and grow his business. His brand stood out in a crowded market, and he was able to establish a reputation as a trusted and reliable service provider. The custom logo mark, color scheme, typography system, and print-ready marketing materials all contributed to a consistent and memorable brand image that helped to set Brian's business apart from competitors.
Larson Renovations specializes in highly customizable,
high quality craftsmanship.
We prioritize the homeowner’s vision and project
timeline while providing transparency and creative
problem solving along the way.
Our mission is to leave the customer feeling satisfied
and proud to show off their home.

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