From an early age, I was drawn to digital media and beautiful design. As I grew up, graphic design became the natural career path for myself and I have never questioned that this is my calling. I work hard to strengthen my skill set, expand my network, and nourish my creative energy.
I spent over three and a half years working as a graphic designer for Washington State University and a handful of independent small businesses in Pullman, Washington. In May of 2020, I moved to Seattle and started freelancing for various small businesses, both locally and remotely. About a year later, in May of 2021, I began a full-time position as the graphic designer at a remote software company. 
I am currently seeking a role with an exciting, growing, and flexible company to flex my creative and technical muscles. I have always been very interested in learning new programs, adapting and expanding my skills for whatever I am currently working on. What some see as a 'knack' for learning new tools and understanding unfamiliar systems, is really just a passion for recognizing patterns across technical programs and tools. 
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